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Tuesday, April 29, 2003


Colby Cosh tries out David Janes' mehod of dealing with Blogger permalink problems:

You have to roll your mouse over the permalink symbol and eyeball the destination URL, which will be something like:


As you can see, that link doesn't work, and it immediately redirects to a "Not Found" page--for the duration of the continuing Blogspot crisis, anyway. (Is everybody still terribly excited about that Google-Pyra deal? Good, good.) But Janes advises--and, indeed, I ought to have seen--that you can use the page anchor to link to the post directly, like so:


Ta-da! As David notes, "The only problem is that this link will break after the link scrolls off the main page. Like some other bloggers." A hit, a very palpable hit. But then ColbyCosh.com doesn't own the world's largest server farm.

I've tried it, and I agree, it does work. There is some hope for frustrated Blogspot users.