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Sunday, February 09, 2003


Slight redecoration, and my blog looks a bit more commercial. I link to Amazon.co.uk not because I expect to get any money (though, for the generous among you, that would be nice); rather, it is to provide bibliographic references on the books I mention. I've also switched back from enetation to YACCS as my commenting provider, primarily as they support html links. Whether either change will improve reader "experience" is beyond me. I can only try.

On a side note, The Invisible Heart: An Economic Romance by Russell Roberts is a very good, page turning read; check out this review in The Region, a publication of the Minneapolis Fed. Diane Coyle's Sex, Drugs And Economics is also interesting. One of the many new popular introductions to the dismal science, it does not break much new ground (though it does open with a chapter on prostitution) but is a decent read nonetheless.