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Wednesday, October 16, 2002

I have just deleted a number of test postings, used to help my "coding". It's nice to see the blog slowly coming together. Next to rearrange links and the archives

My friend Nicholas Laughlin has just started his own blog, where he posts his own opinions and musings. He has a good post on Trinidad and Tobago's general election last week, and the polity that brough about the result. I, personally, don't think much is going to change. Not much does in T&T.

Nick's doing better than me, as usual. I am not posting any content just yet, partly because of time (I work full time, and I am also a part time postgraduate economics student) and partly because I have not finished the "look" of the site yet, at least not to my satisfaction. Hopefully that will change soon, when I settle down and get a real life.